African children are singing their way out of poverty and realizing their educational dreams

Photo Credit: The African Children's choir

Photo Credit: The African Children's choir

Article By Jenifer Wallace-Williams // EEW Magazine News

Some of the children have had a hard life. The ones that have are using their voice to change the course of their destiny.

Because of the kindness of others, 18 African children between the ages of 7 to 10, are getting the chance of a lifetime: to tour the world and raise money to get an education.

The African Children’s Choir may sound beautiful when they sing, but some of its members come from ugly circumstances like extreme poverty, famine and war.

But thanks to nonprofit organization, Music For Life, Ugandan youth, some orphans, are able to globetrot and collect donations to aid them in attaining their educational goals.

“Our choirs are the primary arm of our organization’s fundraising. It’s critical to our mission, which is to educate as many children as possible,” Tina Sipp, choir manager, told

Photo Credit: African Children's Choir

Photo Credit: African Children's Choir

“For the families we deal with, this is usually beyond their means. We provide them with uniforms, supplies, things for their education. Otherwise, this education would never be actualized,” she continued.

According to Sipp, the program has worked wonders. Many children who have been a part of the choir have grown up to enjoy fruitful careers in their countries, becoming doctors, lawyers, and even politicians. Some elect to come to America to pursue their education.

Either way, the manager says, “As adults, they become change-makers," and effectively help transform their communities.

“I like singing, and I enjoy dancing for people,” said Christine, 8, one of the children in the choir, which is enjoying its 34th year.

Young Christine said in a recent interview, “I hope to be a bank manager.”

As the children travel, they lodge with host families that have medical professionals—pediatricians, dentists and such—on call in case the need arises.