David and Tamela's secret to marital success? 'It Is the Lord first'

Photo Credit: Tamela Mann Facebook

Photo Credit: Tamela Mann Facebook

Article By Chris Walker // EEW Magazine // Love and Marriage

As previously reported by EEW Magazine Online, actors and Gospel music singers David and Tamela Mann are celebrating 30 years of marriage with a book, Us Against the World.

How has the pair that met when they were only 18 years old kept it together all this time? According to them, "It is the Lord first."


In a sit-down with CBN News, the cutesy couple gets candid and also, takes a stroll down memory lane.

Adorned in a leopard print ensemble, Tamela, who has a flair for fashion, recalls how one of her best friends from church, who also went to high school with David, introduced them.

"Let me just add at the time time we were a pretty big deal on campus," added David, wearing a blue sweater and being his same silly, jovial, lighthearted self. The Manns' romance, which started out as just a friendship, eventually blossomed.

"We were spending 10 to 15 hours a day together, just as friends," David told CBN. Thus, their relationship is built on a firm foundation.

Over the years, the twosome, that grew in popularity through their roles in numerous Tyler Perry productions, has  also grown in their love and unity, and learned a lot along the way.

Because they are generous and compassionate toward the millions of people that know and adore them, now they want to give back. They desire to help other couples through writing a book, finally.

"We love people, and people are always around us. That kind of pushed us and motivated us over the years, but we kept pushing it off," confessed Tamela, who added, "The Lord kept pressing me in my spirit."

Well, He finally got a yes.

The interview begins at the 3:00 mark in the video posted below. Watch and enjoy!