Watch: EEW President Dianna Hobbs shares highlights from Bermuda evangelism trip

Photo Credit: Dianna Hobbs YouTube

Photo Credit: Dianna Hobbs YouTube

Globally sought-after minister of the Gospel, First Lady Dianna Hobbs, traveled to Bermuda for evangelism purposes February 23-25, 2018.

The gifted orator and anointed women’s ministry leader shared highlights from the trip in a YouTube video posted to her channel Wednesday.

“There’s an expiration date on what you’re going through,” said Hobbs in a clip encouraging the women of God during an intimate Friday Fellowship at First Church of God, Bermuda.

“The enemy can’t do nothing God doesn’t allow,” declared Hobbs, 41, who shared her testimony of miraculous healing from two incurable autoimmune diseases. When speaking of Satan's power, she noted that, there are divine limitations. “He’s on a short leash and at the appointed time, God takes that leash and yanks him back, and lets him know, ‘Time’s up. It has expired. Your permission slip has expired!’”

After Hobbs’ assignment on the island was over, testimonies of deliverance and breakthrough were shared by the women of Bermuda who were said to be greatly enriched.

“God was with us and revealed Himself in mighty ways,” said Hobbs, who releases, God Did It, a book about her testimony, on March 26, 2018, which marks the one-year anniversary of her healing.

Watch a highlight video of Hobbs’ trip below.