WATCH: Dianna Hobbs brought to tears on ministry trip to Mobile, Alabama

Credit: J Marie Photography/Dianna Hobbs Facebook

Credit: J Marie Photography/Dianna Hobbs Facebook

Article By Rebecca Johnson // EEW Magazine Ministry News

EEW Magazine Founder, Dianna Hobbs, has been traveling the globe, sharing the gospel. Recently, her trip to Mobile, Alabama touched her deeply. She shares highlights in her latest YouTube vlog now available for viewing.

In a Monday, May 29, 2018 post on her official Facebook page, the 41-year-old award-winning web publisher uploaded a photo of herself crying.

“This photo is from my banquet and book release event, but the emotion in it perfectly captures the way I feel about what God did in Mobile, Alabama at the ‘Embracing A Beautiful Me’ conference this past Friday. He beautifully wrecked us in His presence. I shall never forget it,” she said.

Hobbs continued, “God ministered so specifically and powerfully to the women in attendance and our lives will not be the same. I cannot articulate how grateful I am to have been a vessel and a participant.”

When the Buffalo, New York native arrived at the hotel in Mobile, the conference host, LaKeisha Rainey-Collins, founder of Beautiful Me, LLC, had a custom-designed “God Did It” t-shirt there as a gift for Hobbs. The tee perfectly mimicked the cover design of the best-selling author’s latest book of the same name which was released March 26, 2018, and shares details of how God healed her from two autoimmune diseases.

Dianna Hobbs finds a special gift she calls "amazing" waiting for her at her hotel room in Mobile, Alabama. It's a "God Did It" t-shirt to match the cover of her recently released book of the same name. (Credit: Facebook)

I can't stop saying ‘Thank You, Lord’ because I got the chance to speak words of life to the beautiful and incredible women there. It is an opportunity I will forever cherish,” Hobbs wrote.

During the service, before ministering the word of God, Hobbs got another pleasant surprise.

A youth trio called “3-in-1” sang her original song, “Soon,” which Hobbs recorded for her mother, Annie Brinson, who was battling breast cancer in 2011.

Brinson is now well and the song remains dear to Hobbs.

See highlights when you press play on the video below.