WATCH: From addiction to salvation

Photo Credit: CBN

Photo Credit: CBN

By Christian Broadcasting Network // 700 Club

62-year-old Albert “Sonny” is in the best shape of his life. At first glance, you would never guess that at one time he was a drug addict on the verge of self destruction.

“Life was going well. I was working to become a physical science technician in the radiological department,” said Sonny.

Sonny was happily married with two sons. Things changed when he found his wife was using cocaine.

“That changes everything. Now it explains a lot of things. It became more frequent, longer days, longer time periods,” said Sonny.

When Sonny confronted her but she refused to quit. Still, he wanted to save the marriage.

“I would do whatever it take to keep the marriage together. I said listen, if you’re going to get high, get high at home.”

Before long, Sonny began using cocaine with his wife.

“I felt total euphoria. I felt like, I mean, it was like something I had never felt before,” said Sonny.

Sonny was hooked. He spent everyday trying to get high. He eventually quit his job, and cashed out his retirement to pay for his addiction. When the money ran out, his wife made other arrangements.  

“She made a deal… whatever it took. She started having sex for drugs. That was devastating,” said Sonny.

His life was in a mess. See how God set him free and restored him.