Vlog: The Hobbs men whip up their ‘special soup remedy’ [WATCH]


Article By Amy Bertinelli // EEW Magazine

How do you beat a cough, runny nose, body aches and sore throat? Apparently, the answer is fresh homemade soup.

Over the weekend, the husband and sons of Empowering Everyday Women Ministries Founder, Dianna Hobbs, catered to the ministry leader after she contracted a cold.

“Dianna and the girls—Kyla and Kaiah—are all sick,” said hubby Kenya as he walked in the grocery store talking to the viewers affectionately known as “Team Hobbs.”

“So the guys are going to make them a homemade special soup remedy to make them feel better,” he said.

On the vlog which was uploaded to Dianna’s YouTube channel Sunday, the couple’s sons, Kedar, 14, and Kaleb, 12, can be seen cutting up veggies and working hard to perfect their original culinary creation.

On Friday, July 27, Dianna first told her Instagram followers she was feeling under the weather. “I'm currently blowing, sneezing, coughing and fighting to hang on to my voice right now,” she wrote, adding that her 9-month-old niece, Azoria “is responsible for passing along these germs to me.”

To see how the soup turned out, press play on the video below.