EEW President Dianna Hobbs shares awesome advice she gave her daughter Kyla who just started college

Photo Credit: Dianna Hobbs (L) and Kyla Hobbs (R) at college orientation

Photo Credit: Dianna Hobbs (L) and Kyla Hobbs (R) at college orientation

This week marked the beginning of the fall semester for Kyla Hobbs, daughter of EEW Magazine president, Dianna Hobbs. To prepare her, the award-winning ministry leader gave the freshman some great advice.

“My husband Kenya and I are still trying to process that our teen daughter is in college. Where did the years go?” wrote the wife and mother of four on Instagram Tuesday.

“I remember when Kenya and I first brought our sweet daughter Kyla home from the hospital swaddled in blankets. I prayed over her and promised God that, if He showed me how, I’d be a good steward over this precious gift,” Hobbs added. “I have poured every ounce of wisdom I have into her. I have done my best to instill the principles of the word of God in her. Both Kenya and I have. I trust that those principles will guide her on the next phase of her journey and throughout her entire life.”

The woman known for her inspirational blog, Your Daily Cup of Inspiration, that is among the Top 100 blogs for women of faith in America, encourages women and men globally. But she prioritizes the home base and her evangelizing efforts begin with her four children, she says.

“Since Kyla was a baby, I knew that, above all else, the best and most important gift I had to offer was Jesus. I have drilled in her the importance of making Scripture her primary source of guidance, for it is the perfect roadmap for life.

“And as I continually teach Kyla to seek God and His word, I make sure I do the same thing, because I can only lead by example if I follow the example of the Ultimate Leader, Christ,” said Hobbs, who ended the post with several hashtags -- one of them being #TrainUpAChild.

In a recent vlog, Hobbs shared some highlights from her daughter's orientation weekend. Watch below!