Devotion: You won’t die in the storm

Devotion: You won’t die in the storm

Devotion written by Dianna Hobbs // Your Daily Cup of Inspiration

The pediatrician, Dr. Clapp, was worried about our newest baby girl Kaiah. All the joy we felt over welcoming our second daughter was replaced by deep concern.

It all started when she took a measurement of Kaiah’s head. Bottom line: it was growing too fast. The rapid growth had surpassed the “percentile lines on its curve,” and the good doc was worried that something might be wrong.

Then, as Kaiah developed, her speech didn’t. The older she got, the more “behind the curve” she was, and her doctor said our tot’s lack of progress wasn’t normal. For the longest time, she was non-verbal. When she did begin uttering words, she had lots of speech problems.

So it was recommended that Kaiah be placed in speech therapy. I obeyed doctor’s orders, and I prayed. It was obvious that our daughter had some issues to work through, but I knew she couldn’t do it on her own.

I vividly recall the day we went to speech therapy. Everyone was so nice. I was required to fill out lots of paperwork and explain what was going on with Kaiah as best as I could. Her speech therapist was upbeat and optimistic. Her positive comments immediately put me at ease. She told me lots of children have speech challenges.

After the first session, she gave me some tips and tricks, and told me how to use them to help Kaiah overcome her speech hurdles. I followed her guidelines, and I prayed some more. I spoke the word of God over our child and fully expected Him to show up.

A short time later, we went for our follow-up appointment and learned that Kaiah didn’t need a single session more. Everything that was wrong the first day had been corrected.

I could have started screaming and shouting Thank You Jesus right in that office, but I didn’t want to scare anybody. I couldn’t help thinking, although the awesome therapist was helpful, I could in no way give her credit alone. I knew God heard my prayer, and He intervened. Kaiah has never had any speech challenges since. Her development is normal. Today, she’s a highly intelligent teenager that loves Jesus and is the funniest jokester in the house.

Friend, I have been through many challenging life circumstances. Through them I have learned that you must believe the report of the Lord.  When things look bad, you can’t panic at the first sign of trouble you see. You have to take that issue to God in faith, and trust Him to work it out in your favor.

God is going to turn your negative report into a good report because you had enough faith to believe HIS report!
— Dianna Hobbs

Speak the word over your life. Believe that His word is true and stand on it just as Paul did in Acts 27. At the time, he was a prisoner being held for preaching the gospel. And while sailing along with nearly 300 others, they ran into a violent storm. Things got so bad, according to verse 20, those on board gave up all hope of ever being saved. It appeared to be over. They thought they would die in the storm.

But God sent an angel to Paul to deliver a word. The Lord said to him, “Do not be afraid, Paul. You must stand trial before Caesar; and God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you.”

That prophetic revelation gave him assurance that not one life would be lost, even though the circumstances said otherwise.

Paul could have looked at the intimidating situation and fretted. He could have felt the forceful winds and crashing waves, and immediately gave into fear. But he didn’t. Paul chose to believe God.

In verse 25, he said, “So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me.”

Somebody reading this has faith in God like Paul did. The storm is surrounding you. Yet, you know in your heart, that God, the Captain of the sea, will not let you drown.

Though the ship was totally destroyed in Acts 27, Paul and the others used the debris and broken pieces from the ship to safely make it to shore. They did not die in the storm. Neither will you.

Everywhere you look, all you may see is wreckage. Your life may be in ruins, but you will not be ruined. God will uphold you. He will bring you safely to the shore. You will not be swallowed up and drowned by the fierce waves.

To reinforce this truth, I’m stirring Psalm 118:17 NIV into your cup of inspiration, which says, “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.”

As you drink down the contents of your cup, rejoice that this storm that is threatening to overtake you, has neither the permission nor the power to do so. God has ordained that you be victorious. You will win.

Now let’s pray.

God, even though I am going through a storm, help me not to be intimidated by it, because You are with me. I declare victory over my life, and I thank You for rescuing me from destruction. You are faithful in all things, and I will forever praise You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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