Devotion + Prayer Requests: God already blocked it

Devotion + Prayer Requests: God already blocked it

Devotion By Dianna Hobbs // Your Daily Cup of Inspiration

A State of Emergency has been issued in my city and we have been pounded with snow. Just like so many other cities and states, my hometown has been battered by this polar vortex.

This morning, one of our neighbors got stuck trying to pull out of the driveway. My husband Kenya went over to help. I know the feeling. A few years ago, I was driving home in a snowstorm. When I got a few inches away from my driveway, I drove right through a mountain of snow and got stuck. I was literally looking at my house and couldn’t move forward.

After about five minutes passed, I saw a car coming toward me, but the way my vehicle was angled, the driver didn’t have enough room to go around me. I was blocking the road. There were two people in the other car and I figured they would be quite frustrated by this delay.

On the contrary, these kind souls immediately hopped out, and with no questions asked, they started pushing me out of this icy rut. One of them even scooped the ice away from my tire with their bare hands, in the cold, then resumed pushing. It was the nicest thing.

From my rear, they told me which way to turn the wheel, when to move forward, and when to back up. With their power behind me, thank God, it became possible for me to get un-stuck.

You’ve got power behind you, too.

The Lord has your back, and I don’t mean that as a cliché’. It was the power of God working from behind that made it possible for the Israelites to cross the Red Sea.

In Exodus 14:19, the Bible says the angel of the Lord, as well as the pillar of cloud God was using to guide them through the wilderness, moved from being in front of them to being behind them. This shift was important and served a dual role. The cloud cast extreme darkness over Pharaoh and his army so the enemy could not see their path forward. Then, on the side of the cloud facing the direction of God’s chosen people, it shined a light on their pathway.

Isn’t that amazing?

When Moses stretched his rod and parted the sea, Israel could easily see while walking across the Red Sea on dry land. The Egyptians, however, were blinded by the supernatural darkness of the cloud.

So we can clearly see that, when God got behind Israel, He put a separation between them and the enemy. The Egyptians that sought to attack them from behind were neutralized. God blocked the attack for Israel, and He’s doing the same for you.

Certainly Satan is after you. He’s pursuing you. He wants to steal your joy, your peace, your hope, and your harvest. But God won’t let that happen.

In Isaiah 52:12, God told Israel He would be their rear guard, the One who protects and prevents attacks from the rear. He’s doing the same in your life. That’s why there is no need to worry about the enemy’s sneak attack. Sure, he’ll try to catch you off guard and ambush you. But you’ve got a Rear Guard, blocking the enemy’s weapons.

The attack is being combated by a force far greater than any opposition. The power of God is at work in your life. And even though the enemy is shooting arrows and darts at you, they won’t penetrate.

Psalm 91:4 KJV says the “truth shall be thy shield and buckler.”

A buckler is a type of shield. It is a piece of defensive armor. In ancient times, it was made out of wood, overlaid with leather, and reinforced with brass or other metal. A buckler was typically worn on the left arm. Darts would bounce off of it. It was made to be impervious or impenetrable.

That excites me because it means God’s truth makes us impenetrable. The attack of the enemy bounces off. It can’t pierce us through. That arrow or dart might bruise us and leave us a bit sore, but the damage the enemy wishes he could do, won’t be done.

That’s why it’s so powerful to know the truth, which is the word of God. That is your weapon. Satan tries to penetrate your heart, mind, will, emotions, body, finances, family, job, ministry, home, church, and everything that concerns you. But when he shows up, when you are armed with the truth, God blocks the attack. He won’t let it penetrate.

To remind you that God is fighting the enemy on your behalf, I’m stirring Exodus 14:14 NIV into your cup of inspiration, which says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

As you drink down the contents of your cup, place your hope, confidence and trust in the Lord who defends you. Know that He is your present help in trouble. And remember: the attack the enemy planned will not succeed!

As you immerse yourself in God’s word, please also keep in mind that today is “Thoughtful Thursdays,” which is the day of the week when my prayer team and I intercede for you. We receive so many prayer requests from around the world, and are unable to post them all. Some individuals request privacy, and we always honor that.

I ask that you read the prayer requests below, and intercede for those who are believing God for favor, deliverance and breakthrough. As you intercede for others, I truly believe God will move in your life.

Amber wrote:

I have been really struggling with depression and thoughts of taking my own life. Please pray for me. I need help. I am in therapy and on medications and nothing is happening. I have a history of mental health struggles in my family and I believe it is a stronghold. Thank you for your prayers

Anonymous wrote:

I’ve been praying that God blesses me with a child for years. It was prophesied to me years ago and I still believe that he's going to bless me with a child. I went to the doctor and they said one of my tubes is blocked.  I’ve been praying to God to open that tube. I am 42 years old I'm still believing in his word.

Erica wrote:

I had a double mastectomy as part of my breast cancer treatment. Since then I have struggled with low self-esteem. I feel that I will never be desirable to a husband. I feel like my life is over. Please pray for me that God will lift my spirits and renew my mind. I know I should be grateful for healing. Some people lose their lives but it is so hard.

Anonymous wrote:

I need prayer for myself to become a better person, a better Christian, a better mother. I come for prayer for my daughter as she transitions into a teen that's suffering with mental health issues. I come praying for my marriage, as it is in such a deep dark place. I come as I seek God’s presence in my life. I need to hear from him. I need peace within. I am tired of crying myself to sleep at night. I need relief before I explode. I need thee. Hear my humble cry.

Kristen wrote:

Dianna and Prayer Team, I listen to your podcast ALL of the time. On days when there’s not a new one posted, I will listen to older ones. I’ve heard your testimony and I know how powerful prayer is. My prayer request is for my mother, Dixie, who has Alzheimer’s. At first I was so angry at God that I didn’t even want to pray. But through the struggle, I have put my faith completely in Him. I know that, regardless of her diagnosis, HE CAN HEAL HER. I know we serve a good, faithful, sovereign God. And I know He can and will heal her. Words can’t express how grateful I am to have found your podcast. You’ll never know how powerful of an impact your words have had on my life.

Anonymous wrote:

I need prayer for love of God, faith and trust that I will be healed. Prayer to end my drug dependence. Prayer to get back to my first love. I need a new mindset.

Veronica wrote:

I am asking for prayers for my wonderful mother, Vernell Banks. She has been suffering and bedridden for a few years. I am asking for complete healing (physical, spiritual and emotional). I ask that she is pain-free and comfortable. I ask that you pray for me as well. My mom is a godly woman. She is truly Christ-like and it's taking a toll on me that she has to suffer in this way. She is currently in a nursing home with a large bedsore, pneumonia, has to get a catheter reinserted often, etc. I have little strength left, I am tired of her suffering. I play your podcasts to her often in hopes of keeping her faith up and not letting the devil win. I want her to stay strong in Jesus, but constant pain and her condition can make it hard. Thank you.

Anonymous wrote:

My bank account has been on hold since Christmas Eve. I have spoken with the bank and since it was due to fraud and they can't collect on the purchases made, I am responsible. I just got off the phone with the bank escalation team manager and he is going to look into seeing if they can unblock my account with me paying $1000 today and pay the rest next week when I get paid again. Please pray for me. This has been such a hardship and it is all the more awful as it was all caused by scam/fraud. Also, please pray that the people who did this scam are found and persecuted.

Anonymous wrote:

Please pray for the Lord to bless me in my employment. I’m waiting to become permanent on my job and it’s taking a while. My next assignment will be under new management and I’ve heard that racism exists in this new arena. I thank God in advance for his protection, peace and promotion! Amen.

Anonymous wrote:

Please pray for my Granddaughter and her husband that our Heavenly Father will supernaturally/miraculously bless them with a baby. They’ve been trying to have a baby for a year. My granddaughter is worried and depressed about not being able to get pregnant. They will be wonderful loving, caring parents. They are both strong Christians that love the Lord very much. God is a God of miracles!!! Thank you for praying for my grandchildren that they will soon get pregnant with a beautiful child.

God, I pray on behalf of every individual and family represented here today. You know their needs, even before they ask. Your word tells us that we can ask what we will in Your name, and it will be done according to John 14:13. I know there is nothing too hard for You. I pray for healing, increase, open doors, loosing of shackles, and the manifestation of miracles. Please let those who are discouraged, worried, and troubled know that You are for them, and You have an awesome plan for their life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you need prayer, don't hesitate to request it. I would be honored to stand in faith with You. I know that prayer works. CLICK HERE to learn how to submit your prayer request.

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