Watch: Anthony Bryant, former corrupt cop who served 10 years, shares his journey to faith in Christ

Credit: CBN

Credit: CBN

Article By Dasia Peterson // EEW Magazine // Inspiration

Former corrupt cop, Anthony Bryant, who served 10 years in federal prison for distributing cocaine, is now sold out for Christ.

These days, he teaches ethics and responsibility classes to law enforcement and gives back to his community. His journey to this much better position in life, however, was bumpy and painful.

In an interview with CBN, Bryant describes the day he was apprehended for his crimes.

“I heard this knock on the door in the morning,” he recalls. “And they said ‘We have a warrant for your arrest.’”

The man who grew up poor in the projects of Savannah, Georgia, and had managed to climb his way out of poverty and into respectability, was ashamed of his downfall. He had been raised to live righteously.

According to Bryant, both his parents were devout Christians and took their eight children to church every week.

Though he veered off the straight and narrow path and got his girlfriend pregnant in high school, Bryant still had a desire to do the right thing. So he did what he thought was best and married his child’s mother, and enlisted in the army—just like his brother did.

“I took great pride in that uniform and I kept it in pristine condition,” the veteran remembers proudly.

Eight years later, Bryant switched out his fatigues for a police uniform after joining the department in Chatham County; he was following in his brother’s footsteps once again.

 “My focus is my job, going to the next level professionally and just being self-absorbed with Anthony,” he said.

For a while, Bryant excelled. But with that new level of success came new levels of temptation, pride, and opportunities for corruption. Sadly, Bryant got sucked into a trap that ruined his career.

One of the biggest mistakes of his life was going along with his brother who introduced him to a drug scheme. Eventually, both siblings were caught up in an elaborate sting operation by federal investigators.

Bryant pleaded guilty to seven conspiracy counts in aiding and abetting the distribution of cocaine in Savannah. He served 10 years and four months to be exact—an experience he calls “very humiliating” and “indescribable.”

But that’s not the end of his story. Bryant is now founder of Split 2nd, Inc., an organization that helps law enforcement officials, youth, and leaders in positions of trust to make right choices.

Since surrendering to Christ, Bryant has discovered a whole new purpose and design for his life.

Watch his inspiring story below.