Yvonne Orji says she is ‘happy’ after breakup ‘because I know how God works’


Article By Elizabeth Rogers // EEW Magazine // Love & Relationships

Christian actress Yvonne Orji may play a sexually promiscuous attorney on television, but she is committed to honoring her Christian faith through abstinence—something that made her recent breakup easier.

During the Valentine’s Day episode of her Jesus & Jollof podcast, the 35-year-old revealed she had split with her boyfriend, former NFL player /ESPN Analyst Emmanuel Acho, but remains “happy” despite it all.

Because she has no soul ties, she is able to move forward, trusting God’s plan and timing. However, the mere fact that she kept her cookies in the jar isn’t the only reason Orji’s smile is real and her joy is complete despite her failed relationship.

“I just have to say, the reason I am so good and so happy is because I know how God works,” said the star best known as Molly on HBO’s quirky drama, “Insecure.”

Orji said, “I have seen God’s MO so many times,” and although she could have reacted by saying, “Aw man, I thought this was it! I thought this was the one!” she believes things will work out in the end.

When it comes to major life changes and shocking twists, the Nigerian comedian told her co-host, Luvvie Ajayi, it’s nothing new.

“It happened in my career when someone offered me a show and I was like, ‘This is it!’ and then the show went to nowhere, and I got borderline depressed,” she reflected. “Cut to Insecure. Cut to my life has changed.”

Though this is an unexpected change, Orji said, “My soul is good.”