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Podcast: You serve a strategic God

In today’s inspiration, Dianna Hobbs assures you that God is so strategic, meaning He has carefully designed and planned things to serve His awesome purpose. If you are in a season of uncertainty, where nothing makes much sense, know that the Lord is up to something great, and setting the stage to show up!

Podcast: Expect it to happen

In today’s inspiration, Dianna Hobbs says, God’s word never fails. Increase your level of expectancy. Believe His promises will to come to pass. Stand firmly upon the word of God which never fails. Whatever it is you need God to do in your life, He’s more than able to do it. Listen and be blessed.

Podcast: God will confirm His word

What you hope and believe for doesn’t always seem possible, but your faith unlocks the door. God will send confirmation and His plan will be revealed. So stay firmly rooted in faith. Don’t let negative circumstances uproot you. Remain anchored in God’s word!

Podcast: Your expectation will be met

Go ahead and get excited that your expectations that God will show you favor, give you blessings, and secure victory for you, will be met. God is doing some things for you that, right now, remain underground and out of view. You can’t see yet, but it’s about to be revealed.

Podcast: God sees you!

In today’s podcast, Dianna Hobbs says, you and your struggle are not invisible to God. No matter how hard it is at the moment, and what kind of opposition you face, we serve a God who sits high, but looks low, and He is going to show up for you. Be encouraged and expect God to reveal Himself.


In today's inspiration, Dianna Hobbs says, God allows tough times to show You how powerful He is, and remind you that there is no problem too difficult for Him to solve. So bring Him your burdens, your struggles, your issues, and everything you can’t handle. He’s got you!