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Disgusting! Trump refuses to apologize to ‘Central Park Five’— says 'They admitted their guilt'

President Donald J. Trump cannot stand to admit when he is wrong. He proved that again on Tuesday by refusing to apologize to the “Central Park Five” for saying they should be executed for rape and assault charges, even though they have since been exonerated. “They admitted their guilt,” Trump arrogantly and disgustingly said.

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Day of Reckoning: Linda Fairstein, Central Park 5 prosecutor, faces heat, resigns from nonprofit boards

A former prosecutor in the Central Park Five case has resigned from at least two nonprofit boards as backlash intensified following the release of the Netflix series “When They See Us,” a miniseries that dramatizes the events surrounding the trial. The president of Vassar College confirmed her resignation.

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Must-See: Ava Duvernay’s ‘When They See Us’ is a difficult but necessary watch

Academy Award nominee Ava Duvernay’s four-part Netflix series, “When They See Us” is a horrifying and heartbreaking tale of five innocent black and Latino teenagers, known as the “Central Park Five,” being found guilty of rape and jailed—though they never committed the crime.

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