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Keep it classy: Lady Serita Jakes says a ‘soft answer’ is best

The last time a person insulted you, what did you do? If you struggle to hold your tongue and your temper when someone is being less than kind, first lady Serita Jakes has some advice for you

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Serita Jakes building healthy self-esteem in girls through debutante program

Serita Jakes, who has been inspiring young women through her Junior Debutante and Distinctively Debutante Program for over 20 years, is celebrating her debutante class of 2018. Learn more about her special program to help girls build healthy esteem.

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#BlackLove: T.D. Jakes calls wife Serita his ‘ride or die soulmate’ on 36th wedding anniversary

Through the good and bad, ups and downs and over the years, Serita Jakes has been a solid rock in the life of high-profile preacher, T.D. Jakes. This month, the couple celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. Read Jakes’ words about his “ride or die soulmate.”

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