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Your voice matters: Speak up and share your truth about sexual assault

It's hard and scary to share your truth when it's not embraced, but speak up anyway. One thing's for sure, nothing is hidden from God and He will always vindicate you. It may not happen in the ways you expect, but our loving Father will always bring justice on your behalf in some way.

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Pretty outside, ugly inside: 7 scriptures to help you exemplify true beauty

The kind of beauty that matters cannot be achieved with injections, surgery, makeup, filters, fillers, and waist trainers. If you want to truly be beautiful, stop focusing on a snatched waist, a beat face and keeping your brows on fleek. Instead, aspire to exemplify the qualities in these 7 scriptures.

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Facebook fraud: Women’s ministry leader Dianna Hobbs warns of ‘fake page in my name’

When scam artists see an opportunity to con the public by falsely posing as a trusted influencer on social media, they take it. Women’s ministry leader, Dianna Hobbs, is warning you of a fake page.

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