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Alelia Murphy, 114, the oldest living person in America loves God, family and laughter

The oldest living person in the United States is an African-American God-fearing woman who says the key to longevity is to “treat people right.” On July 6, Alelia Murphy celebrated her historic 114th birthday, surrounded by family and friends at the Harlem State Office Building in New York.

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WATCH: Brain tumor dissolves as a woman fervently prays, believes and praises

One Sunday in 2014, after getting the worst headache of her life, a woman named Evelyn went to the Emergency Room. After receiving an MRI, she got the bad news: It was a brain tumor and it was inoperable. Watch this incredible story of how God healed Evelyn in response to prayer and praise.

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A mother inspired to trust God during daughter’s battle with Sickle Cell

TaKisha Clyburn, a North Carolina native, heard about the miraculous healing of EEW Magazine President, Dianna Hobbs. This tenacious mother of faith, whose daughter was diagnosed with Sickle Cell at birth, has been inspired to cling to faith in God’s healing power despite the odds. This is her story.

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