Mommy and Me: Tina Campbell shows love to her baby girl Meela (Awww!)

Tina Campbell and her daughter Meela (Credit: Instagram)

Tina Campbell and her daughter Meela (Credit: Instagram)

Article By Rebecca Johnson // EEW Magazine

Daughters need the affirmation of their mothers, which is why Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine celebrates the way gospel recording artist, Tina Cambpell, is gushing over one of her daughters on social media.

“Me and my MEELA,” wrote the 44-year-old doting mom, captioning a photograph posted on Instagram. “She’s sweet and fancy and fabulous and gifted and caring and awesome and she my baby girl.”


Many gospel industry insiders remember sweet Meela, Tina’s second child, as a baby. She was born prematurely, at just 33 weeks, weighing only three pounds at birth.


“I could hold her in one hand,” shared Tina in a 2013 Essence blog, recounting how difficult that time was. "I thought, Lord this is my baby. I want to cradle her and feed her and keep her safe, but she has to stay in this nursery and struggle to get strong. So I went home and she stayed in the hospital -- and let me tell you, that was one crazy situation."

During that season, prayers from around the world were offered up for the new addition to the Campbell family.

"She was surrounded by doctors, nurses and machines, and I was helpless to do anything for her,” recalled the Grammy-winning songstress. “She stayed there for a month and I prayed about every little thing while she grew strong enough to come home."

But Tina and her husband, Teddy, weathered that difficult storm. Now Meela is strong, smart, talented, creative, and making her parents proud daily.

Meela is growing up! (Credit: Instagram)

Meela is growing up! (Credit: Instagram)

“Love me some her,” continued the “Too Hard Not To” singer, who is the proud mother of five children. Though she affirms all of her children and her spouse out loud on social media, she makes it clear that it isn’t an act just for show.

She lives it out.

“I’m a firm believer that who you are at home is who you really are,” explained Tina on a recent webisode of 10 Minutes with Tina and Teddy, which airs exclusively on the digital platform, YouTube.

“If you’re kind to everyone outside of your home, and you’re doing great things in the community, always willing to help someone, and [there are] just all these great things about you, but nobody at your house sees that, I would go [on] to believe that you’re not actually what you’re doing outside of the home. You’re putting on an act for everyone.”

Building a strong family, according to Tina, is about unifying your private and public persona. Watch her talk about her family dynamic when you press play on the video below.

Keep up the good work, Mom!