EEW President Dianna Hobbs reminisces about how God healed her voice: ‘I will forever praise His name’

Dianna Hobbs testifies about how God restored her voice (Credit: Instagram)

Dianna Hobbs testifies about how God restored her voice (Credit: Instagram)

Article By Lydia Bryson // EEW Magazine

More than a year ago, Dianna Hobbs, award-winning president of Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine, could not speak above a whisper, sing, or preach the Gospel. But you wouldn’t know that if you hear her now.

The author of God Did It: A True Story of Miraculous Healing, posted a clip of herself singing “The Lord’s Prayer” on Instagram as encouragement to others believing God for restoration or healing.

“I remember when I lost my voice. Doctors told me my autoimmune disease had attacked and irreparably damaged my vocal cords,” testifies Hobbs, 42, in the post published Saturday, Dec. 22. “I was never expected to recover. I was heartbroken.”

The Stellar Women of Gospel Award winner, who was diagnosed with aggressive cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, tells her followers, “When I could not speak above a whisper, and Satan told me I would never again be able to sing or minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I would whisper scriptures to myself as tears flowed. Sickness seemed to have won. Chronic illness had debilitated and silenced me. There were days I couldn't even get out a whisper, but God was with me even in the silence. He heard my heart's cry.”

At a prayer service in March 2017, she was miraculously healed, and says, “Despite what specialists said, GOD said otherwise. He healed me and restored my voice, and I will forever use it to praise His name.”

For those who are still waiting on breakthrough, the first lady of City Church Buffalo offered this: “I don’t know what you may have lost, what you may be struggling with, or what bad report you may have received. But what I do know is that God is a healer and a restorer.”

Hobbs, whose story has been published in Christian Post, Christianity Today, and many other publications, adds, “He’s able to do anything through you, and you can do all things through Him who gives you strength according to Philippians 4:13! Trust Him for total and complete restoration.”

The founder of the Activate Intercessors Prayer Conference ends the post with several hashtags, one being “#IBelieveTheReportOfTheLord.”

Watch the clip of her singing below.