Author Buzz: Dr. E. Dewey Smith endorses new author Laquinte’ Brinson’s book ‘Pregnant With A Vision’


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It’s a dream co-sign for a new author.

Christian Life Coach and founder of The Break-Up, LLC™, LaQuinte’ Brinson, has landed an endorsement from an influential Atlanta pastor for her new book, Pregnant With A Vision.

The self-published author, who put her own blood, sweat, tears and money into her debut work, has received glowing reviews and a written foreword from Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr., leader of the 15,000-member The House of Hope Atlanta.

She has been a member there for more than a decade.

“In the midst of what often seems to be impenetrable ambiguities surrounding vision, LaQuinte' Brinson provides us with a refreshing illumination,” said Dr. Smith of the book. “With razor-like precision, prodigious clarity and gut-wrenching transparency, LaQuinte' takes us on a journey to understanding vision.  With the metaphor of pregnancy, she moves the concept of vision from the abstract and intangible to the reachable, pursuable and attainable.”

Photo Credit: Rahcorp Visual Group

Photo Credit: Rahcorp Visual Group

When asked how she feels about the high praise coming from the former “Preachers” co-host, Brinson told EEW Magazine she is “grateful” that he is supportive of the book geared toward visionaries, and that he allowed her to host a book signing at The House of Hope.

“If you knew all of the seeds I’ve sown season after season, you would rejoice with me when you see my harvest,” the newbie author said.  

She added, “The process has prepared me for this present moment.”

At this present moment, Pregnant With A Vision is motivating dreamers and visionaries across the nation to go after what they feel called to do with confidence.

LaQuinte' Brinson's book signing at The House of Hope Atlanta (Photo Credit: Rahcorp Visual Group)

LaQuinte' Brinson's book signing at The House of Hope Atlanta (Photo Credit: Rahcorp Visual Group)

Brinson, who earned her coaching certification as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Health focuses on the psychology, science and faith aspects of realizing one’s vision.

In the book, she asks poignant questions like: what is your life’s purpose? How can you discover it? How can you cultivate it? How do you nurture it? What do you need to do to birth it?

Brinson tells those hoping to give birth to their vision, “You are purposeful. Your existence has meaning and you were born with everything you need to produce greatness.”

She also says, “Stop looking around you to find your purpose; instead look within you. You don’t have to waste another day wondering if you have purpose.”

Her Atlanta-based organization, The Break-Up, which first launched in 2013, takes an unconventional approach to assisting individuals who are stuck in unhealthy cycles that are preventing them from living their best lives. The book is an extension of the organization’s mission.

Brinson, known as Coach Q, is also using her platform to impact the lives of African-American community leaders, activists, entrepreneurs and public servants. She hosts an annual Break-Up gala, now in its 5th year, which awards the stellar work of change agents locally, regionally and nationally.

To learn more about Brinson, get tickets to her upcoming gala, or purchase the book which is also available through Amazon, visit her online at

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