Keeping It 100: Erica Campbell wants reality show viewers to know they are ‘not a perfect family’

Photo Credit: TV One / EEW Magazine

Photo Credit: TV One / EEW Magazine

Article By Tami Love-Patterson // EEW Magazine Entertainment

1 John 1:8 teaches us that anyone who claims to be perfect and not to have any sin is a liar. And gospel singer Erica Campbell says if you’re expecting the depiction of a perfect family on her new reality show, stop expecting that.

Her family believes in keeping it all the way 100.

The star of TV One’s “We’re the Campbells,” debuting June 19 at 8 p.m. ET/7C, says they are “not a perfect family, but a good family.” And that’s what matters most.

As previously reported by EEW Magazine Online, Erica and her music producing husband, and the couple’s three kids Warryn, Zaya and teenager Krista, will star in the nine-episode reality show. It tackles the everyday struggles that come with balancing family and work, nurturing their marriage, building their individual careers, and fostering their faith.

In an interview with Christian Post, Erica says, "TV does not show a good reflection of marriage and relationship. We hope to counter that.”


By showcasing what it looks like to “love family and be bold about their faith in a loving, fruitful way, in the way of Jesus."

“We’re the Campbells” will also address the children's struggles with “feeling accepted, colorism, and self–acceptance,” says the nationally syndicated host of Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell.

She goes on to say, "I love my relationship with my kids and we know that it mirrors a lot of other people's relationships. A lot of other parents are trying to figure out how to deal with these things. We've been given a platform and a voice of influence and that's a blessing, so it allows us the opportunity to share our experience with other families giving them something to watch together."

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