Christian singer Mandisa exudes joy on tour with her band, ‘Glorious Funk’

Mandisa is on the road for Winter Jam (Credit: Mandisa Instagram)

Mandisa is on the road for Winter Jam (Credit: Mandisa Instagram)

Article By EEW Magazine // Music News

Grammy® Award-winning Christian contemporary singer, Mandisa Hundley, exudes joy as she tours across the nation with her band, Glorious Funk, for Winter Jam.

“Shout out to the best team a girl could ask for,” posted the “Overcomer” singer on Instagram, posing with the folks that help her uplift audiences everywhere through her contemporary Christian-themed music.

“They play, sing, dance, and light it up for the glory of God,” said the 42-year-old American Idol alum in the photo caption. “They’re so funky. That’s why I call them Glorious Funk!”

It’s nice to see Mandisa smiling and happy. Not too long ago, she was in a dark place. After her friend and backup singer, Lakisha Mitchell, died of breast cancer, Mandisa was devastated because she thought God would heal Lakisha.

“When it didn’t happen that way, I didn’t understand. It shook my faith in a way that I did not expect and really thought that I would not battle with,” she told CBN. “I thought my foundation was really firm, but when that happened, I was really angry at God.”

So the Idoleyes author shut out her friends, family, and even God. “I didn’t go to church. I didn’t read my Word. I certainly didn’t pray because I felt like He was not hearing my prayers. And the result was that I fell into the deepest depression of my life. I started turning to my old ways with just food.”

After sequestering herself, she gained 195 pounds and even considered suicide.

But today, the single, successful and sunny songstress is experiencing the joy and richness of life again, and has found her way out of the darkness.

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