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Heartwarming: Taraji Henson surprises her stepmother with a home renovation [VIDEO]

If you’re looking for a tear-jerking Mother’s Day story, look no further than Taraji P. Henson and her stepmother Angie; the two share an absolutely beautiful connection. Recently, their loving relationship was put on full display as Taraji surprised her stepmother with a home renovation with the help of Houzz!

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Be discreet: Stop sharing everything with everyone

According to Proverbs 2:11, discretion is a good thing. The Bible says it protects and guards you. But many people overshare daily and get hurt in the process. As a rule of thumb, do not disclose too much about yourself – especially when dealing with individuals you don’t know very well.

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You’re not that strong, sis: 3 ways to avoid being overwhelmed & overworked

Are you overworked, over-committed, and under-nourished? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and over-obligated? Sometimes, we perceive ourselves as being strong enough to handle everything. But everybody has a breaking point. Even you!

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