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Devotion: Expect abundant blessings

Feel like you’ll never see breakthrough? You will! It is God’s good pleasure to meet your needs. When you serve Him wholeheartedly, He is faithful to do the impossible for you! You may be persecuted, attacked and targeted by the enemy, but the attack won’t stop your blessings. It won’t block your favor.

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Devotion: The enemy won’t steal your harvest

Today, God is sending this word to tell you, don’t be surprised by trouble when it shows up. Don’t be dismayed when the attack comes against your faith, family, finances, health, stability, or destiny. In the midst of adversity, be confident that God’s good plan will still unfold in your life. Satan cannot steal your harvest. He doesn’t have permission to take what’s yours!

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Devotion: You have everything you need

God, the greatest One of all, has chosen and anointed you, and loves you with an everlasting love. The next time you feel overwhelmed, inadequate, perplexed, or distressed by circumstances and situations, remind yourself that, because you have Him, you have all you need. Read this uplifting devotion and be encouraged in your spirit!

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