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Dr. Tony Evans requests prayer as wife Lois’s cancer returns

Megachurch pastor, Dr. Tony Evans, needs your prayers as his wife, Lois Evans, has just discovered a recurrence of cancer. The 70-year-old senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship announced that her latest routine scan revealed that her rare gallbladder cancer had come back.

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Feeling discouraged in your purpose? Dr. Tony Evans encourages leaders called to 'a small place'

Have you ever felt like you weren’t flourishing in your purpose and began to question whether God even called you in the first place? If so, Dr. Tony Evans has some words of wisdom for you. “You cannot confuse purpose with scope,” said the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX,

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Dr. Tony Evans is ‘heartbroken’ over the sudden passing of his 38-year-old niece Wynter Pitts

The 38-year-old niece of pastor, author and scholar, Dr. Tony Evans, died suddenly Tuesday night and the leader, who shared the news on Instagram, said he is “heartbroken.” She leaves behind a husband and four daughters.

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