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John Gray hangs out with R&B singer Tyrese, speaks on drama and losing support

Recently, controversial leader John Gray faced major backlash after his cheating scandal and lavish spending went viral. Yet, at least one high-profile supporter remains loyal: R&B singer, Tyrese Gibson. The two men were seen together in an Instagram video Monday, March 4.

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Dear John Gray: Christian relationship coach Tony Gaskins is promoting faithfulness among men

As the Christian community is left reeling from news that Pastor John Gray publicly promoted fidelity while privately cheating on his wife, a Christian relationship expert is being vocal about the need for faithfulness among men.

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Pastor embroiled in cheating scandal, John Gray, says those who judge ‘ain’t saved’

Pastor John Gray has been making headlines for committing adultery and battling suicidal thoughts. He has been getting a lot of backlash. To all the judgmental folks, he has a message: you “ain’t saved.” The Relentless Church pastor said during a sermon, “They say they’re saved, but they’re the first ones to judge you…”

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