John Gray hangs out with R&B singer Tyrese, speaks on drama and losing support



Article By Rebecca Johnson // EEW Magazine

Recently, controversial leader John Gray faced major backlash after his cheating scandal and lavish spending went viral. Yet, at least one high-profile supporter remains loyal: R&B singer, Tyrese Gibson.

The two men were seen together in an Instagram video Monday, March 4, in which the Relentless Church pastor discussed losing support, dealing with drama, and receiving real love.

Though the 45-year-old addressed his remarks to others in the form of encouragement, they could easily be applied to his own life in light of his controversy and stained reputation.

“This is just a season for that which was invisible to become tangible. Prayers that you prayed will be held in your hands. That’s the season that you’re in right now,” he said. “That’s why it’s been so much drama. That’s why people who you thought were always gone be there suddenly disappeared.”

What has not disappeared is the lingering cloud of shame that hangs over Gray’s head since his voicemails left for his alleged mistress surfaced online. News that he stepped out on his wife, Aventer Gray, spread like fleas, while his supporters scattered like swatted flies.

Credit: Relentless Church

Credit: Relentless Church

In a January sermon, the disgraced charismatic speaker said, “Somehow in a church, we highlight people’s brokenness. We highlight their addictions. We celebrate their shame, as if you don’t have a chance and a time coming when you’re going to need some grace.”

That grace has not been extended by everyone. However, Fast and Furious actor, Gibson, who has also angered many with his serial cheating in the past, has plenty to offer Gray, and calls him “a powerful man of God that drops wisdom at all times.”

No doubt Gray, an OWN reality TV star, author, and megachurch pastor, has lost some people. Nevertheless, there are many that remain firmly in his corner.  

To those who, like him, may have been abandoned, Gray said, “Some people can’t walk into your blessing with you. You’ve got to know that. That’s not God hating. That’s sending real love.”

Before signing off, he added, “You’ve got to get rid of the counterfeit for the real to show up, and it’s real right now.”

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