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Know who you are: 5 scripture-based tips to fight against feelings of insecurity

Are you struggling with anxiety, thoughts of unworthiness and inadequacy, that say you simply don’t measure up? If so, know that these nagging feelings are not unique to you. They plague many people—even those who appear confident, as if they have it all together. Here are 5 scripture-based tips to help you!

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Won't He do it? Ciara says ‘I prayed for a God-fearing man’ and God sent Russell

Folks want to know what kind of powerful prayer singer, Ciara, prayed to God that manifested her Christian husband, Russell Wilson, in her life. “I prayed for a God-fearing man; I prayed for discernment; I prayed for wisdom,” said the 33-year-old during a sit-down interview with The Angie Martinez Show.

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WATCH: Kierra Sheard on how to defeat feelings of inadequacy and avoid the comparison trap

Everyone at some point has struggled with feelings of inadequacy and grappled with worries about not measuring up—including awarding-winning Gospel singer and entrepreneur, Kierra Sheard. She says she’s had to identify and fight against the false belief that she isn’t good enough to succeed in her divine purpose.

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