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WATCH: Kierra Sheard on how to defeat feelings of inadequacy and avoid the comparison trap

Everyone at some point has struggled with feelings of inadequacy and grappled with worries about not measuring up—including awarding-winning Gospel singer and entrepreneur, Kierra Sheard. She says she’s had to identify and fight against the false belief that she isn’t good enough to succeed in her divine purpose.

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Inspiration: Clarity is coming

A life of faith can feel like looking out of a window with a big blot on it that you can't see through. You don't have clarity. Nothing makes sense. You don't know what God is doing. Are you going through a season when things are hazy?

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Watch: EEW President Dianna Hobbs shares highlights from Bermuda evangelism trip

Globally sought-after minister of the Gospel, First Lady Dianna Hobbs, traveled to Bermuda for evangelism purposes February 23-25, 2018. She shares highlights from her trip in a new video. Watch.

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