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Yvonne Orji says she is ‘happy’ after breakup ‘because I know how God works’

Christian actress Yvonne Orji may play a sexually promiscuous attorney on television, but she is committed to honoring her Christian faith through abstinence—something that made her recent breakup easier. Also, the fact that she knows “how God works'“ is bringing her comfort, too.

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Working hard to be celibate? Christian actress Meagan Good shares six ‘major triggers’ to avoid

When it comes to abstinence, everyone has weak moments. But Meagan Good says the most effective way to be successful is to know your triggers. Here are six.

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What do you do when your child falls into sin? Erica Campbell’s mom ‘Ms. Honey’ knows

Every Christian parent hopes their children will follow in the footsteps of Jesus and adhere to biblically sound teaching. But what do you do when your child falls into sin? Well, Thomasina Atkins shows us the way.

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