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Feeling embarrassed by your struggle? Here are 7 scriptures to lift up your head

Feeling embarrassed by your present struggles? Be aware that Satan loves to use shame as a tool of discouragement to make you forget God loves you unconditionally and has a purpose for you. If you need a little reminder, here are 7 scriptures (with some extra encouragement thrown in for good measure) to lift up your bowed-down head.

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Ayesha Curry teaches us that in the age of oversharing, transparency is not always best

We live in a day and age where everyone wants to tell their truth–to be open and to be heard. But this is not always the wisest route. Take the case of Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA player Stephen Curry, for example. Her recent revelations created chaos, drama, and widespread misunderstanding online.

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Everybody’s mad! 5 scriptures to help you keep your anger in check in an overly triggered society

It seems almost as if everybody’s mad, outraged, triggered, or up-in-arms about something these days. We quarrel incessantly over political views, theological perspectives, social issues and personal preferences. When does the quarreling, anger and rage cease?

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