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Teacher Appreciation Day: The spiritual lesson my mathematics teacher taught me

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day, here’s a story about an excellent teacher and how he taught students a lesson that would enrich their lives both naturally and spiritually. What he taught is a fundamental lesson you must learn if you are to do, be, and possess all God desires for you!

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Be discreet: Stop sharing everything with everyone

According to Proverbs 2:11, discretion is a good thing. The Bible says it protects and guards you. But many people overshare daily and get hurt in the process. As a rule of thumb, do not disclose too much about yourself – especially when dealing with individuals you don’t know very well.

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Our Top 5 favorite ‘lessons learned’ from Jonathan McReynolds’ birthday reflections

Last month, gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds turned 29 years old and took occasion to share wisdom that far exceeds his years on earth. On his Life Room Talk blog, he shared 16 truths he lives by that he has discovered in his less than 30 years on earth. EEW is choosing our Top 5 favorites.

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